My Shelby Daytonas

91 Shelby

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91 Daytona Shelby TI 5speed I have recently purchased.


The car had a blown piston in #3 when I bought it. The car had a Autozone crate motor in it which turns out to be a 2.2 block with a 2.5 crank, no balance shafts, and light weight rods. I ended up getting factory replacement pistons .30 over from FWD Performance, also purchased rings, bearings, and bushings. Used a MP4452006 head gasket from the local dealership also. The rods were replaced with TII rods from another 2.5 motor I had here. The engine is now back together and running. I had to replace the FPR which may have been why the piston was blown in the first place. I still need to get the car registered and put some break in miles on it before winter. I will probably repaint the car this winter. I'm thinking about a two tone black on top and the factory red on the bottom. We'll see 


Rear and interior shot



Rim Closeup and another interior



I've started doing body work getting the car ready for paint.




The car was fairly straight with a few door dings



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