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My Shelby Daytonas

A/F Gauge and Pod

Having an Bachelors degree in Electronics Engineering Technology and being unemployed at the time I decided that I would try my luck a building a A/F gauge for my car. I found a few sites with different information on the subject but finally just sat down with the schematics for the LM3914 dot/bar display driver and designed what I wanted. A system to read from .87-.93 volts in 6 LED's.
Red           .87 and down
Yellow      .87-.88
Green       .88-.90
Green       .90-.91
Yellow      .91--.93
Red          .93 and up


A/F Gauge display and driver. The red wire is for power input, the black is ground, Green is Oxygeon sensor input, and white is illumination although I don't know if I'm going to use it or not.


The driver circuit consists of the LM3914 dot/bar display driver, two potentiometers and a capacitor all soldered on to a piece of circuit board.


I used some fiberglass body filler to graft the two pieces into one.

The Fiberglass body filler wasn't strong enough to hold the two pieces together so a fiberglass matt was used with fiberglass resin.

Pod with fiberglass and resin

second coat of body filler and ready for paint


The A/F gauge display is six LED's hot glued into a round piece of abs plastic.


Here is the gauge pod from FWD Performance with the A/F gauge and VDO boost gauge(also from FWD Performance) mounted in it. The piece fits against the factory panel very nice but I wanted to built into the whole panel so......


And I used a textured paint to cover the entire panel, now I just need to pick up some interior paint to match the original interior color.

First coat of body filler to smooth out the rough edges

I had problems with the fiberglass body filler cracking so I decided to use a regular fiberglass mat and resin. This time it is definitely staying put. Should be ready to go soon.

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