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My Shelby Daytonas

Intro/What's New


My name is Benji and this site is for my 87 Dodge Daytona Shelby Z. This car was purchased in the summer of 1999 with 80,000 miles for $1500 dollars. The car needed a new pick-up assembly although the used car dealership couldn't figure that out! Good for me I guess since they were asking 2750 for it.

The car has been my daily driver since then and is now turning the 100,000 mark after 3 years. I have built a custom stereo system in it which was many long hours in my driveway at college, and has also met its fate with a passed-out diabetic who forgot to take his shot and rear-ended me at a stop light.

What's New

4/9/05 It's been a while since I've updated this page so here's what's new. The 88 has been painted and the crabs lip are polished. It's running good as my daily driver although I'm tempted to up the boost. I purchased a 91 daytona Shelby last summer and am in the process of painting it and getting it ready to take to SDAC15 this year in Ohio. I am planning on a hybrid 16v motor for this car at some time in the future. I'm in the parts gathering phase right now.

3/5/04 wow has it been that long since a update! not much for new pictures but am excited that SDAC-14 is being held in Wisconsin this year. I'm slowly getting the 87 ready for the event. Am planning on +40's, adj fpr, 255 fuel pump, 3bap map and cal for around 18-20 psi. also will be replacing the clutch and adding a traction insert similar to a phantom grip. Also am refinishing the crab rims for the 88 so I should have pix of them up as soon as they are finished.

12/16/03 Well it's been a while since my last update. I've been super busy with the new house and at work. Things are starting to settle down so hopefully more will get done with the cars. I've recently picked up a 88 Shelby Z TII parts car that is getting stripped for parts for the 87 and 88. I'm also planning a Turbo Dakota Project so I'm collecting parts for that.

5/28/03 It's been busy with the new house and job and moving but things are starting to settle down. I rescently purchased a 88 Daytona Shelby Z TI Auto as a daily driver. It needs some work but is still a solid car.

2/7/03 Been working on the car here and there doing more wetsanding and getting things ready. Still need to get the trim painted. I'm also planning on polishing the rims. I started trying to remove the factory paint on the rims but boy is that stuff hard. I couldn't even touch it with aircraft remover! I'm going to try using one of those paint remover wheeles on a drill.

11/29/02 Updated the website. Added Pictures of the bodywork and painting of the car. Also added a picture of the 92 shadow I picked up as a winter beater. Still need to finish wet sanding and buffing the car and also have to get the trim painted. I have all winter so I'm in no hurry. I'm also planning on picking up a 2.5 turbo motor to build over the winter. Haven't decided for sure yet.

9/27/02 Spent the weekend painting the car. Used 1 gallon of paint mixed and two gallons of clear mixed. The whole process took longer than expected. worked Friday 8pm-3am, Saturday 1pm to 5:30am. and Sunday 12pm-6pm. I still need to paint the black trim parts and wet sand but it's looking great already. The door handles are also being polished. I picked up a 92 dodge shadow for a winter beater that needed a timing belt. Runs great after the belt change. Pictures of the paint and new car will be added soon.

9/20/02 Started body work for complete repaint of the car. Removed door handles, window trim, spoilers, and mouldings. Straightened passengers side quarter panel better from accident. filled in any little door dings.

6/10/02 Replaced the bad A/C pump since it's starting to get hot around here. Took some time and painted the pump with aluminum colored paint and the pully red. Charged the system with R134a which cost a whopping 17 dollars. I'm ready for the summer now.

5/16/02 Well the shelby Z turned the 100,000 mark today. Now I feel like it's getting old. Well I guess only 15 years!

5/9/02 Got the film developed and have some new pictures to put up. Exhaust, bov, and gauge pod pix. The talon bov sounds great, I love it.

4/26/02 Got my gauge pod and boost gauge from FWD Performance today. Hopefully this weekend I will mold the pod into the pilar and get it painted. Then I'll mount the boost gauge and homemade A/F gauge and take some pictures. Hopefully this will use up the last of the film and I'll get it developed with the exhaust pix also. (Don't have a digital camera yet!) The BOV flange has also been painted (yellow), so I have to get the cone filter also to replace the air box.

4/10/02 Got the 3inch exhaust on this weekend! I went with the 17223 dynomax muffler. It sounds great. I'll have some before and after pictures up soon. I also got the talon bov flange welded onto a piece of pipe to install it in the upper Intercooler hose. Just have to paint it. Hmmmm what color?

3/20/02 Finished up the axle swap today, everything went smooth. Both ball joint boots were replaced also since everything was already apart. Next on the agenda is the exhaust system which will hopefully be done over Easter. A Talon BOV is in the mix also for the near future.

2/27/02 Finally got the axle seperated for the intermediate shaft. I had to bring it to a machine shop and it took them two days to get it apart! What a pain. Now i'm just waiting for the axle to arive and some new ball joint dust boots.

2/22/02 Started replacement of the passenger side axle. Took about two hours to get everything apart. Then I found out that the axle was rusted to the intermediate shaft.

2/12/02 Added some more pictures to the stereo page and took a little more time to explain the pictures better. Also recently replaced the rubber section of the turbo coolant return line.

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