My Shelby Daytonas

88 Shelby Z

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Here are some pictures of my newly acquired 88 Daytona Shelby Z TI Auto. The car has had a large amount of money put into it by the previous owner.
1. Rebuilt motor shortblock .20 over
2. valve work when head was off
3. hoses/belts including turbo oil feed
4. new brakes all the way around
5. new radiator
6. reman alternator
7. reman water pump
8. Replaced turbo
9. Replaced computer
10. Struts

The receipts I got from her came to right around 4000 dollars. Hopefully all the major stuff has been replaced and for 500 dollars I couldn't go wrong.

things I've done so far:
1. Removed sway bar cleaned and put in new bushings.
2. Removed broken key from drivers door.
3. Fixed power locks
4. Fixed inoperable passengers side door.
5. Started on the vacuum line mess
6. Greased and tightened rear wheel bearings.

Click here for pictures after the paint job.

88 Shelby Z Front

88 Shelby Z Right Front

88 Shelby Z Right

88 Shelby Z Right Rear

88 Shelby Z Back

88 Shelby Z Left Rear

88 Shelby Z Left

88 Shelby Z Left Front




More pictures to come soon