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My Shelby Daytonas


The new exhaust is from the stock downpipe back, exiting out the side in front of the drivers side rear tire. It is a full 3 inch mandrel bent with a dynomax muffler #17223. The way I built the system was to do it one piece at a time.  This involved a large amount of crawling under the car but was the easiest way to get it right the first time. The 2.5-3 inch adapter was welded onto the muffler, then a short piece of exhaust pipe, then the mandrel 90 and one more chunk of pipe, each time crawling under the car to line things up. The whole system only cost about 80 dollars including the shipping on the parts.
Muffler            Summitracing.com     $60-$25 rebate = $35
Mandrel 90    JCWhitney                                                    $21
3" pipe            Local Shop                                                   $15
My time           Dads house w/welder                                FREE
Shipping                                                                                 $10
Total                                                                                         $81


Here is a side by side comparison of the old and new setups. What a difference.


A shot of the back of the system with the factory hangers used.


A full shot of the new exhaust all by itself!


Factory hanger used to hold the new exhaust. I just used a grinder to carefully remove the hangers from the old exhaust and welded them on to the new pipe.

If you have any questions on the system let me know!

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