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My Shelby Daytonas


The BOV is a first generation talon bov acquired from my friend Chris StAubin for a price of FREE! Thanks Chris.  I cut the original pipe on each side of the flange and then slit it down both sides so i could wend it on to the 2.25 inch pipe I got to replace the air box in the upper intercooler plumbing. A hole was drilled in the pipe and then a hammer was used to bend the original pipe to the same contours as the new one. Then it was welded together. I like things looking neat so I used some bondo to smooth out the welds before i painted it. I also got a lawn mower filter from Fleet Farm to put on the BOV. The one I got actually fits right inside the BOV opening with some force. I also spent some time sanding and polishing the BOV to make it look good! Boy were my fingers sore!


Pipe after welding on flange and BOV mounted with filter


Bondo and paint aplied


Reverse side


BOV mounting surface and presure exhaust hole

Soon to come: Pictures of installed BOV and K&N filter.

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